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Bleaching technologies have recently become very popular. It is an opportunity in a short time to make your smile snowy and attractive. This procedure is performed by various methods and means. Which doctor or dental hygienist should choose professionally. Recommended for people with healthy teeth or professional hygiene and complete oral rejuvenation.
– as fast as possible aesthetic effect without preparation of teeth (restoration, veneers)
– maximum impact on teeth as short as possible
– the procedure passes without uncomfortable feelings, provided the correct post-curable escort (kapi with remineralizing gel)

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The most underrated and often ignored procedure is dentistry. Although in essence it is basic. It is planned and regularly to maintain the health of teeth, gums and bones. Or precedes all the interference in the oral cavity.
Performed by a dentist with the use of all modern apparatuses and techniques for the elimination of biological film containing a large number (approximately 500) of various microorganisms.
Conducted by all, regardless of age.

– painless procedure
– small-sized
– maintains a healthy state of your teeth
– extends the service life of existing restorations, crowns, implants
– restores the color and natural beauty of the teeth
– gives freshness of breath
– Eliminates infection in the gastrointestinal tract
– allows saving in the future in expensive procedures

– air flow device
-Special abrasive paste and gels

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Treatment of channels

An example of successful endodontic treatment of root canals, conducted in our center.
Often competent, modern endodontic treatment allows you to rescue hopeless, at first sight, teeth that should be removed. The photo shows a recovery of the bone in the area of ​​chronic inflammation.

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Complete complex rehabilitation.
During 4 weeks, it was carried out: removal of 2 roots, recounting channels of 4 teeth, 6 implants were installed, 19 zirconium dioxide crowns and nonmetallic pre-starches – e.max. This is an example of a coordinated work of specialists of different specialties in a short time!

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An example of fiscal solutions to complex clinical situations.
The work is executed in the technique of direct restoration.
The time for execution was about 5 hours.

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