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Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching technologies have recently become very popular. It is an opportunity to make one’s own smile ultrawhite and attractive within a short time. This procedure is conducted by various means and technologies. Which should be professionally selected by doctor or dental hygienist. It is recommended to people who have healthy teeth or have had professional hygiene and complete sanation of oral cavity.
– the quickest possible aesthetic effect without teeth preparation (restoration, veneers)
– the quickest possible influence on the teeth
– procedure goes without uncomfortable feelings in case of proper post-curable support (mouth guards with remineralization gel)

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The most underestimated and often ignored procedure by patients in dentistry. Although, it is basic in and of itself. It is conducted systematically and regularly to support the health of teeth, gums and bone. Or precedes all interventions in oral cavity.

It is performed by dentist with the use of all modern devices and techniques for elimination of bacteria bed that contains a large number (approximately 500) of various microorganisms.
It is carried out to all, regardless the age.

– unpainful procedure
– low-cost
– supports healthy condition of one’s teeth
– extends service life of already existing restorations, crowns, implants
– restores color and natural beauty of teeth
– provides a fresh breath
– eliminates the infection in gastrointestinal tract
– allows to save on expensive procedures in the future

– ultrasound
– air flow apparatus
– special abrasive pastes and gels

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Treatment of canals

An example of a successful endodontic treatment of root canals performed in our center.
Often competent modern endodontic treatment allows to save, at first glance, hopeless teeth that have had to be extracted. The photo shows the restoration of bone in the area of chronic inflammation.

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Full complex rehabilitation.
For 4 weeks it has been carried out the following: removal of 2 roots, recure of 4 teeth canals, installation of 6 implants, 19 crowns made of zirconium dioxide and nonmetal press ceramic – e.max. This is an example of a well-coordinated work of specialists of different professions in a short time!

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An example of the lowest cost solution of comlicated clinical situations.
The work is performed by using direct restoration technique.
Time of execution was about 5 hours.