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The quality of dental care is also determined by such an important factor as the infectious safety of patients and medical staff.

While on appointment at the Symmetrica clinic, each patient is provided with an individual dental instrument kit, which after being received is thoroughly disinfected in a special sterilization room.

Each instrument passes several stages of sterilization:

«Cold phase»

Sterilization of instruments in solution "Korsolex" (Germany) for 60 minutes. under the influence of ultrasound. Packing tools in disposable kraft packets that keep sterility for a week.

«Hot phase»

Sterilization of tools in the autoclave MOCOM (Italy) at a temperature of + 134 C with alternation of vacuum and pressure increase up to 3 atmospheres

Sterilization of tips

Due to the phenomenon of retracting air and liquids, the pathogenic flora is sucked into the inner system, so the sterilization of the tips in a conventional autoclave does not allow full purification.
The Symmetrica clinic uses the unique DAC Universal system (Germany), which creates excess pressure inside and simultaneously with high temperature (up to +140 C), which ensures the sterility of the internal system.

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