We are very serious about the safety of our patients and our team. Sterilization is an integral part of our clinic. We are working according to the latest protocol to protect against Hepatitis, HIV, etc.

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Each instrument goes through several stages of sterilization:

Stage of "cold phase"

Sterilization in Korsolex liquid (Germany) for about an hour under the influence of ultrasound. Wrapping in disposable "craft bags", which do not allow air to penetrate inside during the week.

Stage of "hot phase"

Sterilization in steam autoclave Mocom (Italy) at 134C rotating vacuum and pressure boost to 3 atmospheres.

Sterilization of dental handpieces

Due to the appearance of reverse thrust of air and liquid, pathogenic flora is sucked in the inner system. The placement of dental handpieces in regular steam autoclave does not give an opportunity to clean the inner system. That is why we are using unique DAC system (Sirona, Germany) that performs this task by creating excess pressure inside and shifting the temperature to 140C.