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Ivantsiv Andrew

Oral dentist, orthopedist

The doctor of the highest category.

He studied at the Bohomolets National Medical University in 1993–1994, and Lviv Medical University in 1994–1998.

He practiced his major in the Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy in Poltava (1999), as well as in the Moscow Medical and Dental University, and the First St.

Petersburg State Medical University. He passed his internship in the clinics of CIS and Europe (Poland, Germany, Spain, and Italy).

To get perfect means to change, to be perfect means to change frequently.

  • treatment of tooth jaw deformities
  • prosthetics
  • comprehensive dental rehabilitation
  • psychology
  • philosophy
  • music
  • martial arts
  • travel

The participant of practical lectures, seminars, conferences:

2019 – 2nd International Symposium of Functional Dentistry
2019 – «The case for CAD/CAM posterior bonded restorations: science, common scence, experience”
2019 – Functional Dentistry Congress
2019 – «Precision in Estetics: Protocols in Posteriors”. Lecturers D. Massironi, A. Conti
2018 – «Prosthesis and Esthetics”. Lecturer Carlo Ghezzi
2018 – «Solution of occlusal problems with a front arc and articulator. Splint therapy: how to avoid temporal mandibular disorders.»
2017 – «Aesthetics in occlusion». Lecturers Martijn Moolenaar, Edris Rasta.
2017 – 1 module in osteopathy at Tony Gonzalez School (Spain)
2017 – «Basic concepts of diagnostics and planning of orthopaedic rehabilitation taking into account a modern holistic approach». Lecturers O. Voitovych, G. Narepekha.
2016 – «IF Clinical Master of Immediate Loading», «Physiology and function of bone». IHDEDENTAL.
2016 – «Master of Immediate Loading», «Physiology and function of bone» IHDEDENTAL.
2016 – «Computerized analysis of occlusion by means of a T–scan device». Lecturer S. Fedorenko
2016 – «Working with an articulator and a face arc.» Lecturer M. Sliedakov
2016 – «Digital Technology and Aesthetic Dentistry» symposium
2016 – «All–Ceramic Aesthetic Prosthetics – Secrets of Clinical Excellence»
2016 – «Dissection»
2016 – «Architecture of the daily reception»
2016 – «Smile Digital Design» at the 2nd International Symposium of Digital Technology and Aesthetic Dentistry
2016 – Symposium of Aesthetic Dentistry at the 2nd International Symposium of Digital Technology and Aesthetic Dentistry
2015 – «Multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of dental patients».
2014 – «The Art of Dental Photography»
2013 – «Modern aspects for long–term success in implantology»
2013 – «Atrophic maxilla course»
2013 – «Introductory Course and Workshope Implemetation and Suitability of Cortical implants»
2013 – «International Symposium on Dental Implantology».
2013 – Institute of Regenerative Engineering. Vitoria, Spain
2012 – «First National Dental Congress»
2012 – «Practical and theoretical course on BOI and Immediate loading in Dental Implantology”
2012 – «Basic Theoretical Course for Implantology”
2011 – “Simple solutions to complex channels”
2011 – “Mesial occlusion”
2011 – “10 Tips for Tough \ Self–Ligation A to Z”
2011 – “Implantology, subtleties and secrets of prosthetics using implants”
2011 – “Precision and aesthetics are the path to success. Prosthetics with full crowns”
2011 – “Endodontics According to the Rules. 3 The Art of Instrumentation”
2010 – “Metal ceramics. A two-day course on orthopedic dentistry”
2010 – “Current issues of orthodontics”
2005 – “Current issues of orthodontics”
2003 – “Modern trends in the dentistry development”
2002 – “Diagnostics and efficacy of early treatment of class 3 occlusion pathology”
2001 – “Orthodontic products of Position Trainers, Trainer for Braces, TMJ appliance, Trainer for Finishing and the Powrgard developed and manufactured by Myofunctional Research Co”
2001 – “Diagnosis and treatment of muscular and TMJ disorders. Class 3 discrepancy. Adult orthodontic principles” (Part 4)
1999 – “Orthodontic treatment and archwires”
1999 – “Esthetic Dentistry, Gateway to the Next Millennium”
1991 – Second Great Congress on Dentistry.

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