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If surgical interventions in soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity are inevitable, the patient has to be quickly and efficiently returned to comfortable lifestyle.

Modern treatment methods at Symmetrica Clinic allow for atraumatic surgeries to maintain and restore chewing efficiency, namely:


Soft tissues plastics;


Bone plastics (jaw bones volume increase);


Difficult tooth extraction (incl. "wisdom teeth", erupted or unerupted teeth), retention cysts and granulomas;


Restoration of bone tissue volume in areas of paranasal sinuses (sinus lifting);


Regeneration of hard and soft tissues by the patient's concentrated plasma (platelet-rich fibrin);


Stomatoplasties of all kinds of complexity required for implantation and smile correction;


Oral cavity preparation for prosthetics, etc.

“Wisdom teeth”: extract or save

Surgical dentistry Lviv at Symmetrica Clinic covers a number of procedures aimed at maintaining and restoring teeth, and because of its structural feature, “wisdom teeth” are practically not treatable. Late eruption of the thirds in adulthood creates painful discomfort and contributes to bite change even after teeth alignment.
Surgical dentist recommend removing “wisdom teeth” as soon as possible — before full root formation, gums irritation and contact with adjacent teeth.
Symmetrica specialists practice one-step removal of all “wisdom teeth” using Piezotome ultrasound machine, which:
• does not damage soft tissues;
• makes the procedure as painless and short as possible;
• minimizes postoperative edema.
The surgery is carried out under local anesthesia or sedation (sleep treatment), and, depending on the case complexity, can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Regeneration of damaged tissues

Cost of surgical services

You can receive more detailed information about the cost of surgical dentistry services at Symmetrica Clinic in Lviv by calling

+38 097 290 43 33.

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