The technology of the perfect smile

Ortho-tricks® – the most modern means for leveling teeth.

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Capes for alignment Ortho-tricks® replace braces

Advantages Ortho-tricks®

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Feeling in the cavity of the mouth, Absence of mucosal irritation



Fast adaptation, language, eating, etc.

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Invisibility for others

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The ability to always remove yourself, clean your teeth well, avoid potential threats to the enamel

Nobody knows, and you are improving

*10% complex clinical cases are solved by treating the bracket system

  • Professionalism

    The treatment plan is made up of doctors who have a great clinical experience

  • Accuracy

    Completely digital, and hence the most accurate method of planning and manufacturing of liners

  • Support

    Support at all stages of treatment

  • Guarantee

    Guarantee of the result

  • Cost

    The best value in a professional market

And the main thing – you will see the result before the treatment!

A good smile separates you only 3 steps

What needs to be done?

Step 1

Make a CT scan

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Step 2

Remove a digital imprint

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Step 3

Conduct a photo protocol of the patient

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Time and cost

How long will the treatment be and how much it costs?

Easy cases

the treatment time is 2-4 months

The average complexity

the treatment time is 4-8 months

Complicated cases

the treatment time is 8-14 months

* payment in UAH at the commercial rate

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Patient feedback

What people say about dental correction system Ortho-tricks®

I was wearing bracelets put in another clinic for two years but did not achieve the intended result. After that, I turned to Symmetry, the doctor offered me the liners. Also, I was shown how the stages of treatment will take place. It’s just salvation! Conveniently, you can remove and eat … invisible on the teeth, and most importantly – I got a smile about which so long ago dreamed! Thank you SYMMETRIC for professionalism!

— Alina, 23 years old

I dreamed of a beautiful smile from my childhood. It was then that I wore a plate, and then, when I grew up, I did not notice the effect of the plate. Familiar recommendations orthodontist Ivantsiv Andrew Olegovich. After the consultation, he told me about my treatment plan and showed me a canopy with which I could match my teeth. A week later I came and gave me the first capi. First impressions: the liners are really invisible on the teeth, do not cause discomfort, pressure on the teeth is felt only for the first three days. And the biggest plus – the liners do not hurt tooth enamel.

— Ulyana, 28 years old

I went to the clinic with the problem of curving teeth, I did not want to put braces, looking for the most effective and aesthetic option. The doctor offered me an internet connection, which I have never heard of. At first it was unusual, but then they did not even feel it. For 1 year my teeth became equal, thank you!

—Taras, 33 years old

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