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Наша команда


Oral dentist,

Chief Physician and
Head of the "Symmetrica" dental center. Head and chief doctor of the
"Akvarel" studio for pediatric dentistry and orthodontics (www.stomakvarel.lviv.ua).
Expert in aesthetic prosthetics, pediatric and adult orthodontics.

Наша команда


Dentist-surgeon, orthopedist

Doctor and head of
the " Symmetrica" dental center. Expert in the field of one- and
two-stage implantology, oral surgery, and orthopedics. Since 2008, he
has been regularly improving the professional level in Europe. He
lectures and organizes master classes in Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Egypt,
and Montenegro on the topic "The technique of one-stage implantation in
complex clinical conditions".

Наша команда

He specializes in
orthopedic and aesthetic dentistry, has received practical skills in
orthodontic treatment with the use of aligners in the La Reserve Clinic
(France). Maxim has over 7 years of experience in the industry. He is
actively improving his knowledge in the field of aesthetic prosthetics,
participates in conferences, workshops and seminars organized by the
Association of Ukrainian Dentists and international medical

Наша команда

Valid member of the
Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology. Has received qualification of a
doctor-dentist at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
She takes an active part in many profile conferences, seminars, and
training programs. Areas of interest include endodontics and
periodontology. She is familiar with the most up-to-date protocols of
interventions and constantly follows innovations in the field of her
specialization. Constant improvement and individual approach to every
patient are the most important things in her work.

Наша команда

Member of the
Ukrainian Dental Association, practicing doctor in the field of
endodontics using surgical microscope and restoration. Participates in
various professional seminars, has received more than 20 certificates of
passing specialized training. Believes that self-development and pursuit
of excellence are an important aspect of work.

Наша команда

Has over 7 years of
experience. Constantly attends professional courses and master classes
given by leading domestic and foreign lecturers. She is convinced that
when you love your work and put all your heart into it, you become
really successful.

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