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Packaged offer “Implantation all-on-4 (or 6, 8)”

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Packaged offer “Implantation all-on-4 (or 6, 8)”

It is recommended for those who have completely or almost completely lost their teeth on one or two jaws and chooses implant prosthetics.

Important! In order to determine the technique of implant treatment, the patient must send a computed tomography image taken at the place of residence to the clinic’s e-mail in advance.

The patient undergoes comprehensive dental treatment including:

  1. Remote advice by a doctor via Skype, Viber, etc;
  2. Development of a treatment plan and schedule according to computed tomography and the planned date of the patient’s arrival, calculation of preliminary treatment cost;
  3. During the stay:
    Day 1 – clinical examination of oral cavity.
    Day 2 – removal of teeth roots and cysts (if required), implantation, teeth imprinting.
    Days 3–5 – time for implants survival; during this time non-removable interim dentures are produced.
    Days 5–6 – crownwork and fixing of non-removable interim dentures.

Important! At certain clinical indications (upper and lower jaw bone atrophy), one-stage (basal) implantation with strategic implants IHDE Dental AG (Switzerland) is widely used in Symmetrica Dental Center. If it is impossible to perform classic two-stage implantation, this technique is a perfect alternative.

When choosing implantation and prosthetics technique:

  • bite type;
  • bone type;
  • age of the patient age, etc are taken into account.

Depending on complexity and technique being chosen individually, the treatment cost can range from €4,500 to €8,000 for one jaw

  • Implantation All 1
  • Implantation All 2
  • Implantation All 3
  • Implantation All 4

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