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Packaged offer “Dental Check-Up”

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Packaged offer “Dental Check-Up”

It is recommended for those wishing to get acquainted with the clinic in advance, to understand severity of their dental problem and discuss further treatment plan with the dentist.

The patient undergoes comprehensive dental examination including:

  • advice;
  • clinical examination;
  • ортопантомограму;
  • CT scan of maxillofacial complex;
  • intraoral scanning;
  • functional digital diagnostics “Dentograf”;
  • myography;
  • medical photography (according to clinical protocols);
  • face scanning.

Based on the data obtained through diagnostics, Symmetrica specialists, together with “S_lab” digital laboratory, prepare a preliminary project and plan for treatment/ reconstruction of the enamel organ (dental arches and bite), according to which final estimate of the dental treatment is made up.

In the course of planning a surgery (implantation type), Symmetrica specialists refer the patient for screening of major health indicators (blood test, cardiologist’s advice), and the patients can email them or optionally have them made at partner medical centers of Symmetrica clinic.

In the course of the treatment plan approval:

  • convenient starting date for treatment, its stages and overall duration are discussed;
  • after paying 30% of the treatment cost, preparatory works for the dental treatment (production of splints, putty indices, centrofixes, models with a digital project, flipper teeth, etc.) start. All these works are carried out without the patient involvement.

Cost of diagnostics and treatment plan: €390

  • Dental Check up 1
  • Dental Check up 2
  • Dental Check up 3
  • Dental Check up 4

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