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Dentistry / Health has no boundaries

The accumulated experience and extensive diagnostic and rehabilitation capabilities of the Symmetrica clinic allow us to offer our foreign patients comprehensive treatment plans in a short time.
When arriving in Ukraine, patients can quickly solve complex dental problems at the “Symmetrica” clinic during a period from 7 days to 1 month.
When making a request for treatment, our patients receive a distance consultation, get acquainted with a preliminary treatment plan and preliminary cost calculation.

Complex package deals
povna turbota

Multi-day tour

Dental treatment combined with leisure


Dental Check Up

One-day tour

Comprehensive diagnostics of dentofacial system and drawing up a treatment plan


7-day tour

Complex dental treatment at complete lack of teeth


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  Implant 1 dental chanel Zirconium crown Standart dental implant +zirc. Abutment + zirconium crown Total full mouth implant
England 1,370 € 370 € 690 € 2,540 € 20000-30000€
Italy 700-2000€ 250 € 310-500€ 1200-4000€ 17000-30000€
America New York 1,550 € 900 € 830 € 3,120 € 45000-55000€
America Minnesota 1,340 € 850 € 1,014 € 2,940 € 39000-45000€
America Oslo 1,360 € 660 € 1,150 € 2,850 € 40000-47000€
Norway 1,850 € 1,320 € 1,320 € 3,540 € 50000-60000€
SYMMETRICA 590 € 120 € 350 € 1,120 € 12000-19000€

For people who have health insurance, “Symmetrica” dental center provides the entire package of documents required for the receipt of cash payment under health insurance both in Ukraine and abroad:
1. Account for payment for medical services.
2. A report on the completed work with a detailed description of the provided medical services and their cost.
3. A fiscal check that confirms payment for medical services provided.
4. Copy of constituent documents.

Complex treatment is 7-14 days

The quality of dental services at the “Symmetrica” clinic was confirmed by a certificate of compliance with .ISO 9001  international standard. The document certifies that the Quality Management System at the “Symmetrica” dental clinic meets international accreditation requirements.

Certified Clinic of the Ihdedental Swiss implantology company

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