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Laboratory Services:

  • computer design of a smile;
  • total aesthetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity;
  • manufacturing of components for prosthetics on implants;
  • restoration of teeth with metal-ceramic and metal-free constructions
  • Create an Ortho-tricks® Eliminator for teeth alignment
  • manufacture of zirconium crowns, abutments, vinyl E-Max, anatomical linings

But other services, which provide high quality dental procedures, speed up their execution and allow to fulfill all wishes of the patient.

Modern facilities of the laboratory

In a short time, we have equipped the laboratory with the most modern equipment, having selected highly skilled and successful employees.
Thanks to the direct availability of the laboratory at the Symmetrica clinic, today it is possible to:

  • control each stage of the manufacture of implants and prostheses;
  • to create accurate digital models of future projects and to forecast the final results of the restoration process;
  • to carry out all procedures of testing and correction in the presence of the equipment;
  • виготовити коронки протягом 1–7 днів (залежно від складності виробу);
  • розробляти власну концепцію реабілітації зубощелепного апарату.

Ми не збираємось зупинятися на досягнутому, і продовжуємо розвивати нашу лабораторію, щоб забезпечити найвищу якість стоматологічних послуг і скоротити терміни лікування наших пацієнтів.

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