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All diagnostic methods are aimed at objective collecting of data on the state and functioning of the dental organ of a patient. The data obtained will enable the doctor to develop an optimal plan for the patient’s rehabilitation and ensure the maximum quality of his/her treatment.

Why choose diagnostics in Symmetrica?

func research

Function test

of the whole dento-facial system

min errors

Minimum error probability

at treatment planning

time money

Saving of time and money

All necessary tests during one visit


Complex rehabilitation

The quickest possible dental restoration

Symmetrica – restoration of physiological aspects of happiness

Computed tomography (CТ)

During the testing, the patient stands motionless in the room under the visual observation of the assistant, and the digital apparatus performs x-rays while rotating around the head and “stitches” them into three-dimensional images.

Intraoral scanning of teeth


Special electrodes of myograph are placed on the face, locating them in the sections of motor points. The results obtained through specialized software make it possible to quickly and objectively evaluate the state of the patient’s chewing muscles


The registration of movements of the mandible is carried out by means of an optical axiograph and the gradual change of the position of markers fixed on the teeth of the upper and lower jaws. The data is transmitted to a digital dental laboratory for further treatment planning, design development, and manufacturing of the necessary orthopedic structures.